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Next Event Full? - Use the Waitlist!

Waiting for a tee time to open
It's no surprise to our members that when the tee sheet opens, the tee times for our next event fill up fast, as within minutes. 

Some members may see the full (or near full sheet), and decide to skip the event.

The Waitlist serves as a gauge to the board, to see if every member that wants to play, is given the opportunity to do so. 

If there is a spot available but the time doesn't work for you - you can add your name with a note, such as "after 9AM only". Even if we cannot get everyone on the course for that specific event, the information is valuable to the board for future events, and will help us determine if changes need to be made.

So please - use the Waitlist when the sheet is full, or when the available slots don't fit your schedule. 

Thank you!


CMSGA YouTube Channel

Link to CMSGA YouTube Channel

There is currently a video under PlayLists to a video created by club member Robert Ou. It's a very well done photo/video collage of the Costa Mesa Country Club.  Give it a watch - well worth your time, and very relaxing.

With your help more content to follow. 



February 2nd Event

Click Here to View Tee Times and Sign Up for our February 2nd First Thursday Tournament

Many of our February 2nd tee times are being used for the first round of our President's Cup.  Match play has a full field of 32 players, which occupies 8 of our tee times.  We will have less players trying to find times in fewer available slots than usual.  We will attempt to accommodate everyone who wants to play.  Please use the wait list.  

The impact of match play on our available times will reduce exponentially in our following tournaments.  Many have been frustrated by the reduce course access due to weather this month.  I am sorry if this tournament signup adds to that.

Members signed up for Presidents Cup match play will not be playing in the stroke play overall net, CTP's, nor net skins competitions.  All players are eligible for CTPs.  We are playing on Mesa Linda.  Ron Plummer is the tournament director.  

January 19th Results

Preliminary Results Summary for January 19th *Here*

We lost many players due to the residual wet conditions and the unavailability of riding carts on the course.  We were able to consolidate 23 teams into 13, with one threesome. Thanks to our members for letting us know their playing plans and showing up early to make it work.  Mary Beth was also a great help.

After the round, we set up the tournament with 51 players.  We created three tournaments:  a team event with one flight, an individual low net with two flights and a net skins with two flights.  We divided the $12 entry fee equally between the three competitions.

We used one blind for the threesome.  We used the same blind again for two players that only played 9 holes and 10 holes to enter gross scores that would match the net score for missing holes with the blind

Thanks to Dan Hudgins for directing this tournament.. Thanks to our members for coming together under these trying conditions.

Full Hole by Hole Data Results for January 19th *Here*

A River Runs Through It


No carts allowed on Mesa Linda for our Thursday tournament.

This advisory email was sent to members:

The course has decided to not allow golf carts on Mesa Linda tomorrow due to residual wet areas.  We expect that we will lose about half of our players.  Push carts, including powered push carts, will be allowed.  

The course would like us to consolidate our tee times into foursomes as much as possible.  If you will not be playing tomorrow under these circumstances, please let us know by replying to this email.  I will preemptively strikethrough the names on the tee sheet that I don't expect will play.   If I am wrong, please correct me.  We should be able to fit in any player who wants to walk and play tomorrow.  If your original tee time was around 8:30, please arrive ready to play about 30 minutes earlier.   If your tee time was around 9:30, please arrive around an hour earlier.  We may have public players filling in our gaps.  Anytime that you arrive, I think we can get you on the course.

Please use the course scorecards for Mesa Linda.  Record your gross score and leave the cards in our locker room box.  After the round, we will match players up as best we can and create teams for a 2 best ball competition.  We will also have an individual net stroke play competition and net skins by flight.  We will not have a CTP competition. 

The sign up sheet for our February 2nd tournament opens on our website this Friday, January 20th, at 9:30 AM.

Photo Credit Ned Whittemore

In this case, "it" being Los Lagos. On the left is the fairway for Hole #5.